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I am Ginger Reading Ninja - I love books and will read anything & everything. I'm here to share my love, the books, authors, the book boyfriends and more.  Join me with my reads - old faithfuls and brand new releases, reviews, book nooks, conventions and more.  NOTHING makes me more happy sad and fulfilled that a book.

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A LOVE DUET - Leah Sharelle

So the past few months I've been working my way through my TBR piles and this week I reached a great duet that will completely tear your heart to pieces...

LOVE HURTS / LOVE HEALS by Leah Sharelle

LOVE HURTS is the first and boy does it hurt! This is the story of Jason & Zoe (his nymph). Theirs is a love that was destined from the moment they first met - in a hospital waiting room with her mistaking him for his twin brother. Zoe and Jason are so perfect for each other, they are opposites and yet perfectly matched in their passion for each other and their need for him to pull his head out of his butt and get over his family issues.

Zoe is a total fir cracker, independent and strong with a will of her own and a mouth that Jason craves even though it's often telling him what he doesn't want to hear but absolutely needs to.

Jason is disgruntled - almost permanently. Believing he has been in his brother Deck's shadow all his life, second choice all he wants is for Zoe to have never met his brother... Her past with Deck isn't so long ago and that just serves to screw his mind even more.

The story is full of angst, love, pain and sassiness from Zoe as she attempts to carve out a life with Jason that includes his brother for many small reasons and one HUGE one. Let me warn you - the last few chapters were awful to read. I saw what was coming, I cried the ugly cry, I put the book down and picked it up again and again and I couldn't stop the torment and pain that comes with the stories end. Nor would I want to - looking back now... Trust me it had to be this way.

LOVE HEALS - picks up 10 years after the tragic end of Love Hurts. Jason has gone through the motions all this time, turning off his hearts ability to love (well for anyone except his beloved spitfire Shiloh). He continues to keep his town safe both within his job as a Police detective and his position as a patched member of Wounded Souls MC Club. He doesn't want love, he doesn't want to feel - his emotions are locked up tight to never be shared now that Zoe isn't around. That is, until Kelsey.

Kelsey, the child from across the road with the abusive mother. The teen who was slashed and sold and left almost recluse after Jason rescued her. Kelsey, the kind, gentle woman who cooks and cleans for Jason all while quietly nursing her secret love. Kelsey, who Jason finally begins to see whether he wants to or not.

His feelings for this shy damaged woman confuse him and no matter how hard he tries he not only can't turn them off - but they seem to grow each day.

Can they both get past Jason's pain and love for Zoe? While Kelsey is willing to take whatever Jason has to offer she deserves so much more... Can Jason ever admit what burns inside him, and when a surprise for them both makes itself known will it make or break their budding relationship and possibly Kelsey's heart and soul.

Trust me, this duet will tear you up again and again. There is so much pain in so many forms but please, please read both - it completely makes all the snotty crying and heartbreak worth it.

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