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I am Ginger Reading Ninja - I love books and will read anything & everything. I'm here to share my love, the books, authors, the book boyfriends and more.  Join me with my reads - old faithfuls and brand new releases, reviews, book nooks, conventions and more.  NOTHING makes me more happy sad and fulfilled that a book.


AMNESIA - by Jaimie Roberts

Holy cow!!! I was reading away happily, making my way through this book daily at the gym; great story of two people who go from frenemies to a couple, with a little intrigue and a few questions and unexplained panic attacks for Lucy. When I read I get sucked into the story and feel like I'm a fly on the wall, watching but unable to interact......

Then I got to chapter 23!!!!!!! Talk about sucker punched in the guts while on the eliptical!!!! I almost fell off - it really was like I was punched; the wind was totally knocked out of me. I went from watching quietly to experiencing every hurt, every betrayal. Suddenly I had all Lucy's memories, I knew exactly what had happened in her life - but she didn't. I wanted to stop reading just so she wouldn't have to find out what I knew; I really didn't want her to have to go through that again not knowing what I knew was coming.

This is the first I've read of Jaimie Roberts and if this is a sample I'm coming back for more.....but first I need to sit in darkness and cry, scream and rant against humanity for the hurt I feel on bahalf of Lucy.

Arrogant. Aggravating. Annoying.

Those are just a few of the names I have for him that start with the letter A. I haven’t gotten through the rest of the alphabet ... yet. From the moment I met Max three years ago, he was nothing but an asshole. The only reason we put up with each other is because we share the same best friend.

Then, everything suddenly changes when Max is involved in a horrific accident that sets him back three years. He remembers his friends, but here’s the real kicker: He doesn’t remember … me.

At first, I think it must be a cruel joke, but then I see how serious he is. Over time, I get to know the real Max Cooper. The one who can be sweet, funny, and kind. The one who shows me he’s not such an asshole after all.

Then, the inevitable happens. I fall for him.

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