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I am Ginger Reading Ninja - I love books and will read anything & everything. I'm here to share my love, the books, authors, the book boyfriends and more.  Join me with my reads - old faithfuls and brand new releases, reviews, book nooks, conventions and more.  NOTHING makes me more happy sad and fulfilled that a book.

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BOOK CONVENTIONS - plotting & planning

hiya Ginger peeps, it's a cold wet, windy, haily day here in Victoria and I'm hunkered down with a day off work. So before disappearing into my newest WIP for the afternoon I was doing my usual morning fb random vague scrolling, checking in with my usual groups, chatting with members, etc. and I discovered that there are readers out there who don't know much about up coming book cons. I just assumed everyone was a stalkery as me but apparently

So here you have it, a new post for book conventions I'm planning to attend or hope to be able to swing by if the stars align.

March 2019 I spent a day at Bookmarked & Sexy in Brisbane - a great con with lots of wonderful Aussie authors; lots who were new to me that I'm now obsessed with and who have been extremely supportive in my foray into publishing.

March 2019 Australian Romance Readers Association day Melbourne - a very small gathering that again featured some wonderful writers. I was in an out in an hour but that's ok......I spent the rest of the day lost in a WIP.

SEP 2019 Melbourne Writers Festival - 2 weeks of reader/author events scatterred all over Melbourne. I'm attending 5 separate events over 2 weekends and since this years theme is Romance ....I CAN'T WAIT!!!! Will post all my thoughts, purchases and events next month.

OCTOBER 2019 SHAMELESS Orlando - So this will be my 2nd year attending Shameless. Last year I was a Shamrless virgin and really didn't know what to expect. I was afraid I'd be all alone, no one to talk to and have to spend most of my time hiding in my hotel room. Well let me tell you if you're thinking of attending a con alone, SHAMELESS is the way to go. This is your tribe trust me. I met so many book friends who I interact with online daily, I fan girled over authors I'm obsessed with, I was fan girled over due to my aussie accent. Thanks to the virgins and solo traveller get togethers I was never alone unless I chose to be. So many new friends, so many book dorks so much laughter. Can't wait to fly over again this year to run amuck with my tribe.

FEB 2020 BABE Sydney (Ballgowns & books event) This is a large 1 day event in Darling Harbour. I'm flying up for a few days and bringing a book dork friend with me. The fabbo Lexi C Foss is travelling over as a signing author.....she's one of my fav authors ever and I can't wait for her to visit downunder.

AUG 2020 Books In-sight Melbourne - This last ran 2018 while I was at Shameless so I missed out. In 2020 I'll definately be there. Can't wait! Tickets go on sale 17 Aug 2019 so keep an eye out.

MARCH 2020 Books by the Bridge Yarra Valley - This will be the first time I'm attending a BbtB and I'm looking forward to it. I'm planning to attend as a reader but also hope to be able to get tickets to the author writing events to learn from those who've succeeded before me. The more I learn the better my writing will be.

AUG 2020 Books In Sight Melbourne - Now I missed this event in 2018 since it clashed with Shameless, but in 2020 I'll definately be there. It's looking like it's going a be a big and fun filled event. Tickets go on sale next week 17 August 2019.

SEPT 2020 Book Boyfriends Newcastle - A HUGE event in Newcastle with over 50 authors signing. I'm attending as an author but hope to have one of my books in the VIP swag bags to get them out there a bit more. I'm driving up for a week - car means I can buy more!!!! YAY

now the maybe/hopefully's

MILE HIGH CITY Books & Bounty Pairing Denver (hopefully Oct 2020) I can't make this event in 2019 due to it being the same weekend as Shameless.....however in 2020 if the stars align they look like being on different weekends. So fate and my boss willing I hope to sneak 2 weeks off and fly over to Denver for a quick trip.

SHAMELESS Orlando - if the stars align and it is on a different weekend to Mile High and if I can't get time off for Denver I'll sneak a quick 2 weeks and hit up Shameless again. I hadn't planned to attend in 2020 but if I'm able I will.

So there you go Ginger peeps, my next 12mths plan for being a book dork. In amongst there real life and real job will happen, new books will be written and published and other small events may or may not pop up and be attended. Posts for each event will happen as they happen - so keep your eyes peeled. All the above events have FB pages you can follow if you're interested in attending. Come along to a convention and experience all the fun and craziness of author/reader interaction and purchasing large amounts of books.

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