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I am Ginger Reading Ninja - I love books and will read anything & everything. I'm here to share my love, the books, authors, the book boyfriends and more.  Join me with my reads - old faithfuls and brand new releases, reviews, book nooks, conventions and more.  NOTHING makes me more happy sad and fulfilled that a book.

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Brand new hillarity from JB Heller

JB Heller has done it again.... and then some with her new release NERDY!

Nerdy has it all, whatever you're looking for in a romcom read you'll find it here.

Bad boy author - tick

Big softie manny - tick

Weirdly awkward boo blogger - tick

Reluctant heiress forging her own path - tick

Sassy, quirky phone interactions, sexting, hot hot hot video calls - Oh hell yes TICK!!!!

I blew through this one at the speed of light and now I regret nothing and everything all at once. I just couldn't put it down, I was eager for each new word and yet now... I want to experience it all over again for the first time and savour it. And yet that's just not possible since I'll need to enjoy it all at the speed of light again and again... it's a book that sucks you in and keeps you up all night just to be able to finish it. It's light, it's funny, it's weirdly uncoordinated and awkward (just like me), it's a man writing romance and I love he truly believes is out there, it's a girl who loves words and I think, secretly hopes for the magic she finds between the pages.

Ah finishing Nerdy - closing the kindle is such sweet sorrow! Think I might press reboot and start all over. LOL.

A 'fake' relationship with all the feels, frustrations and fears of a real romance without any of the worry about crazy ex's.... oh wait, scratch that.

Aᴍᴀᴢᴏɴ Aᴘᴘʟᴇ, Kᴏʙᴏ & Bᴀʀɴᴇs & Nᴏʙʟᴇ

𝙎𝙚𝙗𝙖𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙖𝙣 𝘽𝙖𝙞𝙡𝙚𝙮 𝙞𝙨 𝙝𝙤𝙩 𝘼𝙁, 𝙗𝙪𝙩 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙙𝙪𝙙𝙚’𝙨 𝙖 𝙩𝙤𝙩𝙖𝙡 𝙖**𝙝𝙤𝙡𝙚… I had no idea what I was in for when I signed up to interview hot upcoming romance author S. Bailey. For starters, she turned out to be a he—and super attractive to boot. Unfortunately he’s also a massive D-bag with a weird thing about punctuality. I mean, it’s not like it was my fault I was twenty minutes late. Thankfully, our second meeting goes better than the first, and we end up forging a friendship that somehow leads to me agreeing to be his fake girlfriend. So, as the saying goes—fake it until you break it and fake it we did. Perhaps a little too good though. The way his eyes eat me up and the pounding he causes in my chest when he’s near, it almost feels real. My head knows this is a ruse, but try telling my damn heart that…

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