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I am Ginger Reading Ninja - I love books and will read anything & everything. I'm here to share my love, the books, authors, the book boyfriends and more.  Join me with my reads - old faithfuls and brand new releases, reviews, book nooks, conventions and more.  NOTHING makes me more happy sad and fulfilled that a book.

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New Year - Newbie to me...

Hi Reading Ninjas, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

We're starting 2023 in the best way - with a New-to-me-Author. I'm really excited to introduce you all to Xio Axelrod, who I met at Shameless this year. I met her at the blogger breakfast where we chatted about her books and what turns her on as an author. I always like to ask new to me authors where they recommend I start with their books and subsequently purchased a copy of her recommendation. And let me tell you - it's a good one. So, (insert drum roll in your mind), please pick up your TBR list and add


by Xio Axelrod

I wasn't at all sure what to expect from this book, but Xio recommended it, saying it's everyone's fave, and I can see why.

Camden brings us a whole different kind of rockstar romance - where-in the rockstar is not really a rockstar in the book. While Yara IS a rockstar, she's also a dead one. She's left her rockstar life behind for reasons that are complicated and understandable and seeks out the one man who might just be able to help her come back to life while escaping the rockstar reality she was stuck in - Camden, who also happens to be the 'villain' who had a heavy hand in screwing her life and career in the first place.

Camden, just wants a quiet life, away from the high pressure/dirty sleaze of the business he built. He can't believe when Yara, the dead rockstar he's been obsessed with for a long time, pops up and demands he help her sort out her life. A fair demand since he was instrumental in ruining it. These two are complete opposites, who butt heads and... ahem - other body parts, They just seem to fit perfectly and although this entire story only covers a very short time period, it seems that they are made for each other, have been together for a long time, or as least working towards it.

I really love the small twists and turns the story takes in bringing us the full background of Yaras rockstar life and demise. It's a short story you can blow through in a few hours - and I did on a steamy Sunday arvo. I'm really glad I met Xio and am looking forward to reading more of what she has to offer. This girl can write. Camden is not complicated, or heavy (and trust me, this story could easily have gone that way), but Xio has given me just what I wanted and needed to pass a jet-lagged afternoon on the couch. I highly recommend you check her out and give her a shot. Happy reading Ninjas!

Sometimes there’s a moment when you know you’ve screwed up. For Camden Skinner, it’s the night a dead pop star walks into his pub. As one-half of Skin, an agency which specializes in cleaning up behind the ultra-rich and infamous, Cam has gotten used to getting his hands dirty. A little too used to it. After the young singer at the center of a client’s controversy is found dead, Cam decides he’s out. He walks away from Skin in search of a simpler life. Maybe even a shot at redemption. Redemption arrives in the form of Yara Bujold. The singer’s meteoric rise to the top surprised no one more than Yara herself. All she ever wanted was to make music. Caught up in the dark underbelly of the industry, Yara is forced to fake her own death. But she can’t hide forever. Yara tracks down one of the principals at Skin, the very people that helped to tear her down. She’ll force Camden Skinner to make it right, whatever it takes. What she doesn’t expect is remorse from the man that helped to ruin her. And she certainly doesn’t expect to lose herself in him. Cam finds himself sucked right back into a world he’d hoped never to step foot in again, but he can’t walk away. He has to fix this. Not only for himself but for her. For Yara. Because she might just be everything he didn’t know he needed. She just might be everything.

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