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I am Ginger Reading Ninja - I love books and will read anything & everything. I'm here to share my love, the books, authors, the book boyfriends and more.  Join me with my reads - old faithfuls and brand new releases, reviews, book nooks, conventions and more.  NOTHING makes me more happy sad and fulfilled that a book.

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So here you have it, the low down, blow by blow of Shameless Book Con 2019 from the Ginger Reading Ninja point of view. Now as many of you know, I'm an Aussie and as such a rare and mystical being at Shameless....... at least that's how I'm treated! LOL if only it was thus at home. Oh Well - back to my weekend of Shameless mayhem and mischief. Naturally I came waving the Aussie flag and toting Tim Tams - maybe that's why everyone loves me lol.

Naturally I began the day before Shameless even officially began, cause that's how I roll. All or nothing baby! I had a HOT HOT HOT ticket in my Aussie hand, a ticket to the first Dear Mistress of the weekend. Now for those of you who've not made it to Shameless yet, DM is an event put on as a taster/intro to the basic D&S lifestyle (Dom/sub). Run by a wonderful woman who and assisted by equally wonderful "helpers" it's an easy and light intro to what so may of us find titillating in the books we a major life changer for some attendees. You never know what you're going to see, this years demonstrations were very different to last years, but still extremely informative and interesting and as always DM is a safe space - what happens in DM stays in DM so you'll just have to come along to find out more for yourself.

After my DM the night was still young, so I wandered up to Danielle Norman's room and kicked back talking shit for hours with my favourite author and her assistants Sonnie Wolf (an up and coming author in her own right) and the wonderfully sweet Abbie (Dani's right hand woman). I may have given my tongue a real workout....... you dirty ninja's I was licking cheesecake out of a jar - get your minds out of the gutter!

Friday means the official beginning of Shameless with registration for VIP's (like me and anyone else who managed to buy a VIP ticket) opening at 1pm. With out swag bags in hand I joined forces with one of my fav book groups The Iron Orchids (Danielle Norman's book group of which I'm a very active member), Angera Allen and some of her Angera's Angels (I'm also a member - what can I say this introvert is very social online) and anyone else who wanted to join and we hit up Benihanna for lunch. YUMMO - for those who've never had it, you gotta try this sometime in your life. SAKE tastes like feet but Japanese beer is good!

Then being the social butterfly that I totally am NOT in real life, it was onto the solo travellers and first timers party...... a small get together for those travelling solo (like me) and those who have never done Shameless before and therefore don't have any Shameless buddies yet (like me last year). This event is only 90mins or so but an absolute lifesaver for those who are unsure, alone and scared stiff of the crazy Shameless crowd. I can tell you last year I was petrified to approach anyone. This year was very different thanks to the friends I made at Solo Travellers last year......Everywhere I look there are friendly faces, familiar faces and thus starts the OMG you're .GRN from Australia! So many friends from 2019 on hand to meet and greet the newbies with me, as well as quite a few authors that we all love and are afraid to approach. I finally met the magnificent Julie Morgan, who I've been chatting with and review reading for a year. At this event we're all just there and you don't know to be shy.

This action packed day continues with the Showcase Authors cocktail party - a taster of things to come the next day. A few select authors are presenting their wonderful books in an intimate "cocktail" party setting. There were books to collect, authors to fan girl over and alcohol to drink. What could be better?

Bright and early - well 0930 early anyway I was in line waiting for my VIP access to the big day of Shameless. The day 170ish authors present their books and swag for all of us ravenous book locusts. While VIP access is at 11am the lines were out the building even at 0930.....luckily The Iron Orchids staked out a front of line spot bright and early so we chatted until the big moment.

This year I was a VERY GOOD LITTLE NINJA, I did not buy any books at the event. I just picked up pre-orders from authors.....being that said I ended up with 68 books to pick up on Saturday, plus a freebie from my favourite Alien Smut writer Grace Goodwin and a book I've been drooling over for ages from Anna Bishop-Barker, one of my fav authors who has been so encouraging of my blog over the past year and now every encouraging on my foray into authorship. I came, I saw, I fan girled, I interacted with my book idols - naturally my first stop was my friend Red Phoenix. I played runner for friends a few times (drinks & such) while dumping my stockpile in their bedroom. By the time I was done I resembled a Ginger Reading Pack mule more than a ninja. Back to my hotel for a nap!!!!

6.30pm brought me back to Danielle Norman's bedroom for the Iron Orchids pizza party. A great get together with wonderful people that I interact with online year round and finally get to catch up with in person. This may have included a highly hilarious and very inappropriate game of Cards Against Humanity...... this was the perfectly messed up group to play this game I'm telling you. Once we were done we all frocked up for the Smut Gala.

Now the SMUT GALA - the costume/come as you want party that is the crowning event of Shameless..... if you're crown is kinda tarnished and slightly wonky. This little Ninja was transformed into a naughty Tinkerbell, complete with a 'fairy wand'...... cause this Tink doesn't wait for a lost boy, she takes care of things herself. We danced, we laughed, I drank some yummy special cocktails made just for the night. The fortune teller was so good - her knew I'd be going on a long trip (hello I live on the opposite side of the world). The world famous Woodshed set up in Cinderella's Dungeon and held demonstrations throughout the night. (photo's not allowed).

At the end of the night rather than turn into a pumpkin solo I crashed on the couch in the "orchids" room for a few hours zzzzz's.

With shades of a Walk of Shame - early Sunday I quietly snuck out while Danielle Norman still slept and could be seen wandering back into my own hotel as the sun came up, in yesterdays clothes, no shoes and hair everywhere. Oh the good old days.

A quick breakfast and shower later I was back to help Dani and the girls pack and then say my sad goodbyes as they prepared to check out and return to their real lives....while I continued my Shameless adventure with another excursion.

50 shameless souls braved the day after a big day'/night with an excursion to the Woodshed - Orlando's world famous BDSM Club. The Masters were so wonderful, explaining activities, preferences, and allowing anyone who chose to try indulging in a sample of their kinks (clothing and signed waivers compulsory). This little Ninja is not embarrassed to say that being bound by jute was an interesting experience that I described to a friend as feeling like a strong warm bear hug from behind.... and I may or may not have had my butt and back "warmed" by a good lashing with a leather flogger and a strong master who was so softly spoken and caring about my comfort. THANK YOU MASTER.

And thus ended the Shameless Book Con 2019 for the Ginger Reading Ninja, with plans already beginning for 2020 and a quick run to the post office today to ship 20 books home.....even with 46kg luggage allowance my book obsession required a postage budget this year - thankfully I was fully prepared for this and actually came in under budget.

Now I know most of you have probably not gotten to Shameless yet and some may never go due to finances, distance or just life in general, but if you're on the fence at any stage I say JUMP IN FEET FIRST and your Ginger Ninja will be waiting to greet you along with lots of new inappropriate book friends.

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Oct 22, 2019

OMG. This sounds like a hoot! Your walk of shame had me crying. And go you for trying out the jute.

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