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I am Ginger Reading Ninja - I love books and will read anything & everything. I'm here to share my love, the books, authors, the book boyfriends and more.  Join me with my reads - old faithfuls and brand new releases, reviews, book nooks, conventions and more.  NOTHING makes me more happy sad and fulfilled that a book.

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hiya GRN peeps,

Guess what, I'm Shameless Boon Con bound. YES you heard it right, look out smutfairies, I'm on my way.

I flew out of Australia a week ago and am slowly edging my way towards Florida and naturally along the way I'm reading, reading, reading.

So here you have it, my book trip so far:

Melbourne to Sydney + 1hr delay on ground in Melbourne...GRRRR! My girl Pixie Chica released a new book - UNDENIABLE LOVE, so it was first up on the To Read list and let me tell you I was so glad it was. My seatmate on the plane however, maybe not so much so...... due to all the tears. DAMMIT PIXIE I looked like a total crazy person and ended up having to reassure a somewhat uncomfortable man that NO - no one had died, I was just getting carried away by a book. OOPS.

Sydney to Dallas +2hr delay on ground in Sdyney (OMG I've been up since 4am, I need to die and I still haven't left OZ yet!!! OK so since I have a 16hr flight for this part I start out doing the right thing. Settling in to get some work done on my upcoming release EASILY DISTRACTED BY CAMELS Page by page, word by word going through edits and fixing. All while trying to ignore the 7yr old behind me who keeps kicking the back of my seat and whining that he's STARVING!!!!!!

A few hours into editing I'm pretty much done for the day, I'm tired, cramped and my brain is dead. Time for a book! Nothing to take the edge off better than Evie Mitchell's DOUBLE the D. It's a quickie MMF full of hot hot naughty bits and lots of love too. I followed that up by mindlessly watching movies while trying to sleep while that kid still kicks and whines behind me for all but the last 2hrs of the trip.

Hitting the ground in Dallas I sleep through most of the next day, with a short upright time to workout in gym and get some more writing/editing done..... had a great jetlag induced idea for a YA Fantasy novella.

Playing tourist around Dallas was interesting.....not a whole lot to see there, JFK assassination stuff and museums, etc ticked off in a day. Naturally I had my kindle with me - don't leave home without it, like an Amex. Sooooo during my 5 days in Dallas I knocked over Worth the Risk by JB Heller - trust me this is a must read, Full of feels, so much story JB Is one of my all time favs. Then my friend Angera Allen (who I'm catching up with next week at Shameless) sent me a copy of Firecracker which was AMAZEBALLS and immediately followed up by the ARC of her upcoming release QUICK - which is attached to Firecracker story wise. (see previous post for Firecracker review)

Dallas finished with a 7hr bus trip to Memphis to visit Elvis. Naturally 6hrs on a bus means a book......Perfectly Lonely by Jessica Marin. I always love a Jessica Marin book and this one was no exception. So well written, so much going on, so much hubba hubba.

Between visiting Elvis, MLK and the Blues, Memphis also included the ARC of Stealing the Bride by Nadia Lee.....the first I've read of this author I really hope I can find more from her. She's great. I want to find a man who finds me so irritating, so unforgetable, so his that he's willing to try to kidnap me to stop me marrying the wrong guy. You all need to read this.

Yesterday was a 9hr bus from Memphis to Atlanta (see always getting that little bit closer to Florida) Thankfully 9hrs means a whole book and then some YAY!!!!! So it's into the Bethany Jadin The Code series, Vested Interest (book 1) carried me through most of the trip to the point at times I'd look out the window and not know which state I was even in. Then I was half way through book 2 Hidden Agenda by the time I arrived in Atlanta. If you haven't read Bethany Jadin I'm totally book shaming you.....this team is a GRN MUST READ. their books are great stories, lots of interesting, quirky and likable characters with lots of hot sweaty times to round out the stories. When I grow up I wanna by a Bethany Jadin character.

So there you have it, 9 days - 7.5 books 16043 kms/9968miles.

Keep an eye out for my SHAMELESS BOOK CON post - letting you all share the shameless fun of a 'romance' book con, all the authors, all the models, all the books and all the shenanigans.

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