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I am Ginger Reading Ninja - I love books and will read anything & everything. I'm here to share my love, the books, authors, the book boyfriends and more.  Join me with my reads - old faithfuls and brand new releases, reviews, book nooks, conventions and more.  NOTHING makes me more happy sad and fulfilled that a book.

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So last weekend your favourite Ginger Reading Ninja flew to Sydney and donned her tiara for the first ever BABE (Ballgowns & Books Event)

It was as hot and humid as South East Asia in Darling Harbour but that didn't stop intrepid readers and book dorks from all over Australia... And wonderful authors from all over the world, We all donned our gowns and tiaras (well actually I was a jeans, blog tshirt and tiara ninja) and joined the fairytale wonderland that was created in Sydney just for those of us who prefer to live in make believe.

So many wonderful author friends were in attendance and it was great to catch up with each and every one. Most of whom I hadn't seen in person in a year (thank god for fb facilitated communications). On top of my favourite Aussies JM Adele, Suzi Love & Imogene Nix, I met lots of new to me authors and one very special BRAND SPARKLING NEW AUTHOR DEBORAH O'FERRY, whose debut book I jumped straight into after the event (will tell you more about it in a future post). Then of course there were the imports... My friend Lexi C Foss flew over and not only did I have the pleasure of watching her interact with her Aussie fans, but we went for dinner and a catch up (it's been 3mths since we saw each other at Shameless). I was thrilled to introduce her to Australia (if only a micro flying trip). There were also so many new to me authors who flew all the way from USA and UK just for our event. It is so great that authors want to visit readers downunder.

Now I swear, I must have had the smallest book haul ever on this trip. I had booked 40kg luggage allowance to ensure my books would make it home, but I restrained myself on the basis that I still have over 50 books from Shameless 2019 piled up in a box in my library waiting to be read. But the few I brought home with me were definitely the pick of the crop for my reading tastes and most are new to me authors. I CAN"T WAIT TO VISIT THEIR WORD WORLDS.

Naturally there was lots of interesting and fun swag to go along with the event and the books. My faves included my special edition BABE mug, my BABE tiara, my BITE ME tshirt from Erin R Bedford... and probably the best yet and hopefully the one that comes in handiest... a rune from Jax Garren. I asked for a rune that would give me a man in my life or up my JAKKI FRANCES book sales and the one she gave me is supposedly "masculine abundance & prosperity - so that works to me for both man and books. Hey you take what you can get when you're a single ninja trying to build a readership.

The even on a whole was great fun, I met and spoke to so many wonderful people, shared lots of event information (both local and international) with many readers who's complaints were that they didn't know how/where to find events... hey this ninja will always steer you right. We managed to gain another 30 friends to the Ginger Reading Ninja FB page (welcome one and all). Plus added bonus a few were interested in Jakki Frances and even downloaded books while we were chatting.

The funniest moment of the event from my point of view was my 2nd appearance at the event... I'd finished and lugged my haul back through Darling Harbour to my hotel. Too hot and steamy to venture back outside I donned my workout gear and hit the airconditioned hotel gym only to get a message from Imogene Nix - I'd forgotten to pick up my books from her. So this ninja decides to make it part of her workout and jog back to the event. Only after arriving sweaty and somewhat EWWW in my gym gear did I realise I'd been gyming and jogging with my BABE tiara still perched precariously on top of my ginger curls..

This was a great event and while I know Jaymin Eve & Tate James have said NO WAY, NOT AGAIN WAY TOO MUCH WORK!!!! Maybe if we beg and plead and be extra special good we'll see another BABE sometime in the future...

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