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I am Ginger Reading Ninja - I love books and will read anything & everything. I'm here to share my love, the books, authors, the book boyfriends and more.  Join me with my reads - old faithfuls and brand new releases, reviews, book nooks, conventions and more.  NOTHING makes me more happy sad and fulfilled that a book.

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Tis the season to be spicey

Hi Reading Ninjas, I've got a spicy little treat for you this Halloween. So grab yourself a latte, go all American and add a little spice and enjoy reading...

PUMPKIN SPICE (Little Cakes #8)

by Pepper North & Paige Michaels

So, let's begin with my saying - I just don't understand the whole obsession that Americans have with pumpkin spice, and generally abusing pumpkins at this time of year. But then as an Aussie I like to roast or mash my pumpkin and eat it with onion gravy and steak. I get a giggle out of all those surveys that pop up on social media this time of year - do you: a) carve your pumpkin? b) gut and toast the seeds? c) make a pie? Ahh, I'll admit I've never had pumpkin pie (I'll have to make a point of trying it next week). But on top of pumpkin abuse, it's pumpkin spice season and apparently it goes with everything.

Which is entirely the point of the latest cupcake offering. CC and Hunter are a couple baked in heaven with pumpkin spice flavouring. Both are obsessed with the seasonal cupcake that Little Cakes has on offer. But when a feisty kitty sinks her teeth into CC, Dr Hunter comes to the rescue of our cat cafe owner and helps her find love and a Daddy again, after her beloved husband passed away. She's a spicy Little who needs a firm loving hand and a doctor on call to take care of her and he's the perfect kind of alpha Daddy to teach her to love and Little again. I love that she's a more mature Little whose only Daddy was her hubby and Hunter has the responsibility and pleasure of introducing her to a Little space that her previous Daddy didn't know about.

This is a quick read, full of fun and cupcakes - because a Little Cake dessert makes everything wonderful. But will their relationship grow past Pumpkin Spice season?

FYI: Pumpkin Spice = nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, cloves.

Welcome to Little Cakes, the bakery that plays Daddy matchmaker!

A lonely Little can't live on caffeine alone. She needs the piping hot TLC of her Daddy, too.

After losing her protective police officer husband, CC Callaway throws herself into creating CC's Purrfect Coffee. Combining her love of the brew and her affection for cats keeps her mind busy and her broken heart full, even if something is still missing.

Dr. Hunter Warren can't ignore the adorable woman who first catches his eye at Blaze, and when they meet for the second time in his ER, all of his Daddy instincts are awakened. Unable to resist his attraction to CC, or his desire to protect her, this Doctor Daddy drops by the cat cafe to make sure she's feeling better. Will his cupcake offering be the beginning of something even sweeter for them?

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